Don’t forget to enter in to my competition to get this GINORMOUS slab of chocolate! I’ll be doing some chocolate recipes soon so you can get some inspiration for it if you win 😍 Just click the link and enter, there are so many way you can enter the competition so what are you waiting for? Get clicking! 😉 Good luck! x

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Peach and Passionfruit Trifle

I honestly cannot find the words to tell you just how absolutely DIVINE this dessert is, check it out at this link it takes a matter of minutes to make and is thoroughly addictive! It is supposed to last one day but it didn’t even make the night here! LOL I just want to make this ALL THE TIME!!! It is so good, so, so, so good. Try it yourself and find out, you won’t regret it!!! Don’t forget to tag me in your photos if you do (which will make me super jealous but it’s worth it to see you all happy with this bowl of heaven 😍)


As promised here is the new competition! Do you want to win this GIANT bar of chocolate? If so all you have to do is click this link to enter. Good luck, darlings! 😘 The competition is in no way affiliated with WordPress, Tumblr or Cadbury’s. The competition starts on 23rd February at 9am and finishes at 9.00pm 21/03/2021

The TikTok Pasta Recipe Is Finally Here!

The Tiktok pasta recipe (UK Version) is up! Just click this link for the most delicious and simple pasta recipe you will ever make. It’s cheap, cheerful and a family favourite so check it out and let me know what you think of the dish. Happy cooking my lovelies! 😘

Coming Soon…

I’ll be doing the video for this delicious and easy pasta dish later today so look out for the recipe tomorrow!

Lynette’s Meatloaf Masterpiece â­

Happy days! More lovely people have tried my recipes, this time my meatloaf, and enjoyed it! I get so much happiness hearing from you all, and finding out the inventive ways you’ve made the recipes your own, so keep those fabulous comments, creations and photos coming in and thank you so much for yours Lynette! 😀❤️🙏🏾
You can find the meatloaf recipe here

Tiktok Pasta Sauce

I was feeling well enough to cook dinner last night and tried the Tiktok pasta sauce recipe. It was a winner! I’ll be doing a video for it shortly with UK measurements (because I could only find US ones so that should make it easier for Brits 😉 ) so look out for it!

Roast Beef Winner

I’m ill at the moment but very lucky because I have been teaching my family to cook for years, so on days like this I get some amazing meals! This is Simon’s roast beef dinner with his legendary milk-free Yorkshires. It’s almost worth being poorly! LOL

Time To Relax

I’m resting up after a really hectic day yesterday, so it’s just going to be a “feet up and tea and birthday cake” day 😊🍰

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Happy Cakeday! 🎂

A two tier, Madagascan Bourbon vanilla sponge with pink, white chocolate ganache.

Something different today! It’s my daughter’s birthday so I managed to rustle up a cake to celebrate. She said I did even better than the brief so I’m one happy mama! ⭐Happy birthday baby girl! ❤️

#organic #cake #love #prettycupcakes #cupcakes #cakes #fortnums #hummingbird #cakeblog #cakeporn #relax #rdg #hummingbirdbakery #shopindepenent #lemon #London #foodies #hobbybaker #foodblog #gloobyfood #lovecake #berkshirehousewife #crumbsthewordbakery #crumbstheword #rdguk #teaparty #peggyporschen #madagascanvanilla